Survival Hacks for your next Trip

Making any plans for your next trip to face nature,then this blog belongs to you.

1.Nachos (as a fire starters)

Well, these nachos are perfect for fire 🔥 starter and not only nachos, all corn 🌽 chips have the ability to start fire .


Are you out of light ? No need to worry , A crayon can emit light for half an hour & you should always need to pack one of these before you are going on any trip and who knows that this candle can get you out of the trouble

3.Study about Dangerous plants

You should always be careful about these poisonous plants and you should need to study about these types of plants that can harm you and your pets some of these also couses allergies to skin.So always stay careful before touching any wild plant.

4.Always carry a Toothpaste

Well, who can forget about the toothpaste before going on a trip.This thing can also help you to overcome insects bite and can reduce pain so, always remember about this insect repellent.

5.Mark your way with charcoal

Yes,when you are lost in the woods you should always mark your path with charcoal ,you can also write messages on 🌲 tree ,rocks and it may bring someone to you.

6.How to keep mosquitoes away

So here you go, mint leaves and other herbs when they burn they produce smell that can keep mosquitoes and other insects away mosquitoes aren’t exactly fond of scent put off by burning herbs.

7.How to find a way out

Suppose a situation where your compass🧭 is lost and your phone suddenly stopped working so how you’ll get out the jungle, so a needle can help you the best way to use your needle as a compass is that first you need to mangentize it or ( to give magnetic properties) so, the best way to magnetize the needle is to rub the eye of the needle one hundred time against your hair and fur and then lay the needle on a leaf that can float in the water that needle should lead you to orient itself on a north- south alignment and then look for a metal object that can pull the compass needle off course and distort your bearing.

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Sometimes we don’t care that what should we avoid during a thunderstorm, sometimes our carelessness can lead to danger, so you should totally avoid these things during a thunderstorm.


We all love ❤️ taking shower 🚿 ,you know that when thunderstorm occurs we should avoid water lightning can easily travel through water pipes and can get you in the trouble so better avoid it.


You know it’s bad that when you’re in open ground and thunderstorm starts so, don’t go near big tree as soon as you notice thunderstorm you need to go get inside your car, home just move away from open ground and don’t go near electric poles and metal wires and if you can find no place such like that , ever heard of that lightning strikes at the tallest object so best thing you can do is to crouch down in ball like position with your hands covering you ears.


If the thunderstorm is very strong don’t even think about going outside & don’t forget the 30-30 rule after you see lightning and heard thunder start counting to 30 if you heard thunder before you reach 30 then remain indoors for 30 min’s after you heard the last clap of thunder.


This may be myth for some of the people but you should avoid CORDED phone during the thunderstorm and better use the cellular phones.

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TOP-10 Animation movies of the decade

We all love animation movies and want to see again and again so here are the Top 10 animation movies of the decade.

So let get started


Toy story 3 came in year 2010 based on fantasy/drama/comedy this movie was liked by almost every one directed by LEE UNKRICH ,it was the best movie of 2010


Yep ,rango was one of the best movie of 2011. This movie was directed by GORE VERBINSKI and won the Academy award for the best animated feature film.

8-MADAGASCAR 3: Europe’s most wanted

It Was released in the year 2012 based on adventure/comedy was liked by every generation and even gained nice amount of profit


Well, how can we forget frozen , which came in year 2013 based on drama/fantasy and giving the characters a powerful voice of Idina menzel which leads to the famous song ‘let it go’.


Remember? This movie where you can find fantasy and action can meets the expectation . Directed by DEAN DEBLOIS it was the best movie of year 2014


If you’re in a bad mood then this movie completely belongs to you ,directed by PETE DOCTER this movie was the best movie of 2015.


Hmm , you are right this movie was all about comedy,drama , adventure which was perfectly directed by ANDREW STANTON. Year-2016


Minions , who don’t know minions so despicable me 3 was based on sci/fi and action directed by PIERRE COFFIN,Kyle Balda


Incredibles 2 was based on sci-fi/action. Directed by BRAD BIRD it gained lots of profit and was best animated movie of year 2018.


At last , the most profitable animation movie of the decade ,frozen 2 has won lots of love from every one,in just one month it has crossed $1.033 billion .Year-2019


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